Proper Way To Wash Your Face To Fight Acne And Blackheads!

People suffer from various skin conditions from teenage years to middle age. There are majority of people who do not wash their face correctly. Moreover they exfoliate their skin with harmful scrubbing or make the skin dry with the harsh cleansing soap. This leads the skin to overcompensate and create even additional oil which results in blockage of pores. This forms an endless sequence which can cause lasting skin injury and early aging lines.

Here we will discuss the gentler ways to properly clean the skin in trouble free steps:

  • Cleanse your hand with gentle and clean soap so that acne causing microorganisms do not transport to your face.
  • Sprinkle lukewarm water on your face to prepare the skin for purification. Warm water can harm the skin and start oil production on your face.
  • Try to use specifically those cleanser which is mainly intended for faces and unblocking even smallest of openings. Congested pores are something that keeps oil of your skin from getting to the surface that not only lead to blackheads and pimples but also dry out your face.
  • Smoothly massage your skin with the cleanser and moving fingers in the spherical movement for at least 30 seconds. Fingers work better than any scrub or Loofah which can infuriate the skin.
  • Take cool water in your hands and clean your face by it. Follow this more than a few times and then pat dry your face. Avoid wiping your face.

Various Other Methods

If you are suffering from blackheads, oily or acne prone skin from a very long time then you must take care of your skin in a well manner. Along with the above mentioned face washing ways, you can also follow the following steps:

  • Eat food which is rich in zinc
  • Apply honey mask once or twice a week
  • Eat lots of food that contains vitamin
  • Wash your pillow cover every other day
  • Avoid wearing makeup while going to bed

You can try other treatments as well. Also try different homemade face masks that are made up of turmeric, banana and many other natural ingredients. This will also better your skin and prevent various other damaged skin conditions. Try not to put lots of makeup to avoid these skin problems and let the skin breathe in fresh air.

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