Discover The Cause Of Insomnia And Fight With It!

Sleep is very important for your overall fitness and health. Not getting enough sleep can obstruct with the healing and growth of tissue as well as the ability of your body to maintain its metabolism, temperature, memory and brain function. Also, sleep helps improve the functioning of your immune system. Insomnia, which is a general term used to depict a variety of sleep problems can refer to trouble falling sleep and the feeling of being tired in spite of getting a sleep of full night.

Let’s first check out the types of Insomnia:

Primary Insomnia

  • This type of insomnia refers to a person who is having a sleep problem which is not related to any health condition directly or other related problems
  • In this type, a person feels more unconscious and it also easily affects your lifestyle

Secondary Insomnia

  • In this type of Insomnia, people have a sleep problem because of various health conditions
  • It may occur with problems like asthma, depression, cancer, arthritis or excess of alcohol

Read on further to know the causes and symptoms of Insomnia…

  • Physical or emotional discomfort level
  • Lots of stress from your regular life such as divorce or death of a loved one or loss of a job
  • Pain or some kind of discomfort at night
  • Irritability or general tiredness
  • Environmental factors such as extreme noise, temperature or light
  • Sleepiness during day time
  • Problems with memory or concentration

Overcome With The Problem

  • Take A Hot Bath

Two hours before you go to sleep, take a bath with hot water that will undoubtedly rise your body temperature and will rapid cool you down to make you more relax and fit.

  • Lay Out Your Clothes

Laying out your clothes or brushing your teeth and hair has been proven to help you fall asleep easily and faster. Also, before going to bed, wear soft and comfortable clothes that will make you fall asleep easily.

  • Turn Off The Lights

Before you go to bed, keep yourself free by doing something like reading in a comfortable couch or chair, anywhere but other than bed. Besides, turn off the lights while you go to bed.

  • Limit Your Drinks

There are many people who stay awake all the night because of their drinking habits. This can make you feel irritable and frustrating, so avoid it.


If you are struggling with the problem of Insomnia, it is very important to recognize the self-defeating thoughts and replace them with your realistic achievements.

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