Ingredients that you can Trust for your Skin – Let us Find Out

Whenever I walk out in this polluted city, I feel like this place isn’t for living. So much of smoke, noise and other factors which are harming our health day by day. I always think – is there anything we can actually do? Apart from health, the effect of all these can be seen on our skin as well. Our skin is getting damaged everyday even sunlight is called as one of the cause behind this destruction. The cosmetic products that we use in our everyday life have chemical contents and it is damaging our skin. So why not trust something natural? Natural Ingredients keep our skin healthy as well.

Let’s See some Natural Ingredients to Help you Skin

  • Tea Tree Oil

This helps clean clogged pores of skin and also helps get rid of dead skin cells and dead bacteria. Use of tea tree oil on your skin increases the production of collagen by preventing free radical damage, thus your skin looks young and shinning.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also known as one of the best moisturizer for our skin and a natural approach to decelerate aging. Application of coconut oil on your body after bath will make it glow naturally.

  • Rose Water

Rose water is well known for skin benefits. You can use this for your skin either way, by adding few drops to your face mask or apply it directly using cotton. It helps in reducing skin irritation, as it is anti inflammatory in nature.

  • Honey

It is said that our very own honey was the secret of Queen Cleopatra’s legendary beauty. Honey is a natural moisturizer and helps tone and firm skin.

  • Strawberry

There are many benefits of using strawberries. It helps rejuvenate your skin’s texture and also act as great exfoliating agent as it contains alpha-hydroxy acids. Help you get nourished and radiant skin by eliminating dead skin cells.

  • Oatmeal

Use of oatmeal for your skin helps in natural exfoliation as it penetrates deep into skin. you can add this to your face scrub for moisturized and cleansed look.

  • Milk

We all are aware about milk health benefits but it also soothes skin breakout. Other property of milk is that it helps in moisturization.

Well there are many ingredients that we can use in our daily life for skin treatment. The best thing about these ingredients is they are easily available so you don’t need to put in many efforts to get them.