Important Factors That Are Associated To Heart Attacks!

Whenever one thinks about the reasons of heart attacks, the things that generally come in mind are inactive lifestyle and greasy foods. It is very true that habits and diet regime that play a very significant role in managing health. Here are few surprising reasons that can be related to the risk of heart issues.

Other Things That Lead To Heart Ailments Are As Follows

  • Infection – If a person is suffering from flu or respiratory tract infection then he have five times higher risk of heart attack as these types of infections may lead to inflammation that is enough to trigger attack or stroke.
  • Negative Relationship – Bad relationships have increased the heart attack risk by 34%. Bad relationships are very bad for your heart.
  • Kidney Problems – Person with weak kidneys can make heart weaker. People suffering from kidney problems are at double risk of heart attacks.
  • Depression – People who are more prone to anxiety and stress have early signs to develop heart ailments than those people who stay relaxed.
  • Psoriasis – People who have high blood pressure and do smoking are more prone to severe psoriasis. This may also result in chronic inflammation that eventually leads to heart strokes and ailments.
  • Antibiotics – People who are already suffering from heart disease have greater risk to death if they consume an antibiotic known as azithromycin. You should discuss with your doctor before taking this medicine and mainly when you are a heart patient.
  • Low Levels Of Good Cholesterol (HDL) – Good cholesterol is highly associated with the coronary functions.  And the young generation which is getting more and more trapped in the unhealthy ways of weight loss and less exercising are more prone to loss of HDL and resultantly get heart ailments.
  • Urban Living – Whether you are commuting by bike, car or any other public conveyance then this increases the risk of heart issues. People who reside close to busy and major roads suffer from cardiopulmonary disorders more than others.

Your surroundings also affect your heart and those with diabetes and gum diseases are also threatening agent to your heart so always remain cautious and don’t even ignore a small aspect. Do regular exercise and become healthy, consume healthy food and live in a clean surrounding. Always try to think positive thoughts because this will reduce your anxiety and depression and make your heart even stronger.